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Valilly Knows Healthcare Hiring

The Healthcare industry has thrived in no small part due to embracing technological innovations as soon as they become available. This approach has led to explosive growth and increased lifespans, but many healthcare companies are still hiring the old-fashioned way. Valilly's platform is the next logical step forward, automating the process while sourcing and sorting candidates in an instant.

Due to the unique requirements of the healthcare industry as a whole, Valilly is well positioned to offer an alternative to the decades- old staffing agencies that have traditionally helped busy HR staff make difficult to fill hires. Our automated solution does all of the heavy lifting, from sourcing candidates using our numerous outside data partnerships, to our machine learning matching algorithm that helps sort and rank the best candidates for each open position. If automating the hiring process isn’t enough, Valilly is a fraction of the cost of a typical headhunter or agency.

Healthcare Companies We Work With

We are proud to have worked with a wide array of healthcare companies from small start-ups to well-known multinational corporations. Our nimble platform allows us to scale the hiring process to suit your specific needs, regardless of how niche or massive in scope the requirements may be.

We have helped fill healthcare positions in Medical Device, Pharmaceutical, CRO, and Research alike, and are always happy to find partners we can assist in the healthcare field. If you’d like to learn more about our process, please request a demo below.

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