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Talent Mapping and Matching Algorithms Powered by AI

Valilly applies the Talent Intelligence ecosystem of tools to the internally and externally sourced pool of talent attributes. Valilly then curates a slate of the best matches to your requirements. Valilly's machine learning doesn't just search for the terms in your job requirement. It understands your requirement and pulls in terms and descriptors you may not have thought of, for exhaustive, intelligent matching.


We take the talent and rank their skills and experience using machine learning algorithms to ensure that we find the perfect match for your open job.


Our collaboration tool makes it simple to gather feedback from coworkers and hiring managers alike. Our candidate feed feature will show your team which candidates need input, and makes the approval process as simple as leaving a simple thumbs up!

Applicant Management

Help guide and critique candidates through the hiring and talent evaluation process.


Valilly doesn't care if the data comes from an outdated applicant tracking system (ATS), external data sources, or a folder full of resumes on your desktop. We can sort and parse any information and find the most relevant data for your unique job search. And if you're starting from scratch, we'll pair you with our external data source partners to find the hire you need in no time.


Have you ever wondered how your internal team is performing, or wished you had a quick and simple way to visualize which sources give you the top talent? With Valilly's analytics package you be able to answer these important questions and many more with the touch of a button.


If you're paying for an applicant tracking systems to hold your talent, we can help bring your forgotten applicants back to life. By refreshing the data, we will update each talent’s experience, work history, and even contact info so you have the information you need to make a great hire.


Instead of sending an e-mail no one's ever going to see, Valilly lets you communicate quickly and anonymously with potential talent. Our messaging platform ensures a smooth transition from one mode of communication to the next, and lets you manage your conversations effortlessly.


Be it within your own ATS, or leveraging your existing relationships with outside data providers, Valilly will help you find that "diamond in the rough," the ideal individual to help your company grow and be successful!

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