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Empowering Enterprise Hiring

Valilly empowers hiring managers and HR staff by absorbing the most up to-date information available in real time, and sorting that information using award winning algorithms and artificial intelligence to present a list of qualified candidates that are instantly vetted for any position. If you are hiring, we can help.


Valilly returns only the best candidates, with questionable or possibly fraudulent background flagged and hidden from our results. With our endless filters, you can be sure you are viewing all available talent in a clear, and easy to understand format.


While most recruiters need a week or more to send out invites and comb through their network, Valilly will return the first results within 24 hours so you can make lightning fast hires.


Stop paying 25% of first year salary. Valilly hires are a fraction of the cost of traditional recruiters, ensuring you can make several hires for the cost of a single recruit using the old model.

Disrupting the Traditional Talent Acquisition Space

  • Multi-Attribute Matching Technique highlights top talent
  • Valilly's Machine learning and AI can add additional levels of validation and insight
  • The Talent Management Database is an invaluable asset that regularly validates candidate profiles and adds new candidates as they become available
  • Platform preserves all past and current Talent data for future use

Enterprise Benefits

  • Internal talent Acquisition Engine automates the process from start to finish
  • Efficiency and effectiveness are tripled
  • Time to Market and Nimbleness
  • Significant cost savings
  • Holistic Approach to Talent Acquisition and Management process
  • A very cost effective Talent Management Platform and Resource at manageable prices
  • Built by industry experts who know what matters most.

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