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Valilly is Hiring!

Interested in being apart of a passionate team that truly enjoys working together? If you are smart, driven, and want to be apart of a winning team, Valilly might just be the place for you.

Why Work at Valilly?

When you join the team at Valilly you're going to be surrounded by smart, highly-motivated people who all share the same goal, to change the recruiting industry forever. We have all of the typical perks of a NYC Start-up, including unlimited Coke Zeros and popcorn, as well as a few additional opportunities you won't find anywhere else. We work directly with successful investors who gladly share their experience and insight, and the sky is truly the limit for a successful hire at Valilly. As we promote from within, the right team members will have the opportunity to lead or even form their own teams and departments as we continue to expand. If you're good at what you do, and can get things done without a micromanager checking in on you every 15 minutes, we'd like to hear from you!

Current Opportunities

Working at Valilly

To fully understand and appreciate what it's like to work at Valilly, you'd have to visit our offices. While we do encourage visitors, we know not everyone has the time to drop in, and so we asked the staff to share their experience working at Valilly in their own words.


"Having worked in both uptight corporate offices with hundreds of employees, and fresh start-ups with less square footage than my tiny apartment, I can confidently say that our office strikes that perfect balance. While we have an open and collaborative environment, there are also spaces for privacy and/or important client phone calls. Everybody gets along well, and the after work Happy Hours further cement the bonds between coworkers. I consider myself friends with everyone of my coworkers, except for Fluffy, of course. Fluffy and I are more than friends, Fluffy is like family."


"I love the whole team here. People are nice, kind, funny and there is no boundaries and limitations."


"I really like the freedom to learn and share ideas. Valilly values hard work, but never gets in the way of creativity or collaboration. I also enjoy crushing everyone at any and all video games in the office as well."


"There is never a dull moment working at Vailly. The fast-pace environment, team collaboration and strong leadership has been a perfect setting to nourish my talent and develop my skill set."

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