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Talent Acquisition

We leverage internal and external databases to source top talent that meets your job requirements, automating the search and sort process. Start with an open position and end with a curated slate of top talent at your fingertips in minutes.


Valilly returns only the best candidates. Individuals with questionable or possibly fraudulent backgrounds are flagged and removed from our results.
We aggregate dozens of sources to find the most qualified candidates.


Our sophisticated algorithms sort and rank candidates, saving you time and effort.


By avoiding the middlemen and expensive commissions, our costs are significantly reduced.

The Future of HR TechA One-of-a-Kind Human Resource Cloud Offering

Disrupting Talent AcquisitionGreat Companies Use Valilly

Applicant Management

Interested in seeing the Valilly platform in action?

Talent Acquisition

Replace Recruiting

Valilly is a smart, technologically advanced platform that makes hiring as simple as uploading a job description and then reaching out to our top candidates, matched and ranked to fit your requirement. We use a waterfall of candidate sources and data partners to ensure that you won’t miss out on that perfect hire simply because they weren’t on a particular job board or resume repository.

Why pay for outside staffing agencies or headhunters who charge 20-30% of first year salary, when you can return results with Valilly for a fraction of the time and cost?
We leverage internal and external databases to source the top talent that meet your job requirements, automating the search and sort process. Start with an open position and end with a curated slate of top talent, ranked by percentage fit, on your screen in minutes.

The Problem With External Recruiters

  • You need qualified talent to fill your open positions, and you need them yesterday...
  • Recruiters charge a substantial fee to find quality talent.
  • Outside agents are motivated by commissions, instead of what's best for your company.
  • External agents need weeks to return a list of qualified talent, while Valilly can begin to return matches the very same day.

Interested in seeing the Valilly platform in action?

Need Top Talent?

Valilly leverages your licenses with external data sources to get you the talent that best suits your roles and automates the whole search process from start to finish. Why comb through resumes online, when we'll just send you the best talent ranked from #1 to #Do Not Hire?

Who We Worked With

We are proud to have worked with everyone from small start-ups to well-known multinational corporations. Our nimble platform allows us to scale the hiring process to suit your specific needs, regardless of how niche or massive in scope the requirements may be. We have serviced the following companies:


Some of Valilly's first partners were tech-start ups that were growing exponentially, but were displeased with the high costs associated with outside recruiters. By switching to Valilly, these companies were able to save nearly 70% on hiring fees, while maintaining their fast-paced hiring schedule. We've had particular luck finding capable software developers, analysts, and engineers in this industry, though no job is too difficult for us to fill.


In the constantly growing healthcare industry, Valilly is well positioned to help with the niche roles common to Clinical Research Organizations, Pharmaceutical firms, and Medical Device companies alike. In a short time we were able to begin filling open positions including Clinical Research Associates, (CRA’s) Quality Engineers, and even Director Level Regulatory Affairs roles. Valilly's lightning-fast results and significant savings make hiring with us an easy choice for many decision makers in the healthcare arena.

What People Say About Us

Interested in seeing the Valilly platform in action?


At Valilly, we believe companies should have access to the best available candidates without having to pay excessive fees. It is our promise to you that we deliver Quality, Efficiency, and Value in the hiring process.

With record low unemployment, it has never been more difficult to find and connect with the best available talent. However, while traditional staffing agencies claim they can find great candidates, their services come at a steep cost in terms of both time spent combing through candidates and the outrageous fees they charge per hire.

We founded Valilly after listening to countless HR staff and Executives alike bemoan the lack of a simple, inexpensive solution that would empower their HR teams to make fantastic hires without any additional hassles. The Valilly Platform can help you start making great hires today, so you can get back to running your business.

Interested in seeing the Valilly platform in action?

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Interested in seeing the Valilly platform in action?

  • A tour of the platform, including a breakdown of popular features and capabilities.
  • Insightful explanation of how the platform is able to deliver impressive results for less time and money.
  • Detailed pricing and a confirmation of the savings we can offer versus traditional recruiters.
  • A full Q&A session for any unanswered questions that remain after the demonstration.
Demonstrations last for a maximum of 30 minutes, and contain no more than two bad puns.
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